Enya in the Snow, March 2006 Our "big" snowfall – March 2006

 A Snowy View   A snowy scene.

Our view of Mt. Rainier  Mt. Rainier – using zoom!

Fog in the Valley, April 2006 Fog at sunrise.

Violet Green Swallow Perched right outside the window, and chattered away!

GoldFinches The goldfinches love the tops of the trees.

Purple Finch Seems like it should be "red finch"!

Mourning Dove and Gold Crowned Sparrow We've been fortunate with the variety of visitors to our feeders this year.

Male Rufous Hummingbird The "hummers" provide lots of entertainment.

Evening Grosbeak couple First time for viewing these spectacular birds. Haven't been around much lately.

Blackheaded Grosbeak Couple First time for these, as well.

Rainbow Double Rainbow Rainbows, and double rainbows, are common during our rainy season.