Four Seniors, just for a lark
Plotted to self urinate,
And they did not hesitate,
In a classroom light, not dark.
These boys were wearing their pants.
Exposure was never made
Except in the fabric's shade.
This led to official rants.

Suspension was the command,
Causing the boys thus to miss
Two practice sessions and this
Meant no marching to the band.

Foul! Cried boys and parents. Should
Good conduct for years and weeks
Be washed out by silly leaks?
Reconsider, if you would.

The school board did not relent.
The boys took all of their tests,
But were forbidden – for jests –
To march. Their fate they resent.

Some Freshmen also partook
In this prank thought to be rank.
No news of their fate so dank;
They'll walk on grad day, you look.

In a district that's close by,
Two juveniles at their play
Burned a school building. They
Will walk with fellow grads. Sigh!(*)

There are lessons here for all
Who wish to break some school rule.
First, if you aren't a big fool
Just say No, make the right call!

If you "must" get out of line,
Then consider timing, son.
Earlier makes better fun.
For you're aisle walk you won't pine.


* Note: at the time this is written, a decision as to the fate of these 14-year olds has not been made. However, despite the damage to property of well over $1Million, most suggestions have been for community service. It is quite conceivable that those boys will graduate, as scheduled, with their class. In addition to timing, the boys at White Pass should have considered how "freaked out" most adults get about bodily functions. They weren't on "Punk'd TV"!